Delivers a rich blend of IT Solutions ranging from Technical Maintenance Service to Systems Integration (SI).

Covers the Asia Pacific region, with business in China, Hong Kong and other countries.

With the expertise of our IT outsourcing services, you can still achieve business excellence and operational efficiency.

We guarantee our professional technician to arrive and provide on-site support within four hours during formal office hours.

We provide full support and services to clients in different business scale.

We provide customized and high quality solutions to clients well controlled with the target budget.

Provides a full range of IT Project Management services.

Provides full structured network implementations.

We have experts in website production, graphic design and data backend websites.

Offers comprehensive architectural services for the design of secure network infrastructures.

Help clients to supply, set up, configure, maintain and manage both desktop and notebook computers.

Provides solutions based on in-house Microsoft exchange server or dedicated hosted solutions.

Offers comprehensive support for distributed network management and systems auditing.


IT Project Management

Our IT Project Management services include proper planning and implementation of a project. We possess an effective proven strategy for all stages of a project that guarantees the success of it. We also have high standard steps for outlining and implementation of a project.

System Management

We provide full IT asset management and software licensing for both simple as well as enterprise software development. This helps to reduce both cost and human efforts to meet the up to date licensing requirements and reduce the cost of ownership.

Network Solution

Our Network Solution services include planning and installation of structured cables, servers, server operating systems, activating directory plan, reviewing and redesigning of network.

Web Solution

Internet is the booming option for marketing at present. What online marketing needs is a professional website. Our Web Solution include building and maintenance of website as well as the back up services. In addition, we also provide effective website and E-mail hosting as well as database driven web solutions and search engine optimization services to clients. The SEO services carry out promotion of the website to get good ranking in the search engines.

Technical Support

Get your effective technical support for management and maintenance of both desktop and notebook computers. Our services include supplying, setting up, configuration of computers, installation and upgrading of software applications. The VPN solutions ensure the secure, configurable and cost effective services to clients. By leveraging on the expertise of our IT outsourcing services, you can still achieve business excellence and operational efficiency even with a reduction in IT staffing cost.

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