iShot offers full support and a broad range of services to clients of all sizes. Our customized and high quality solutions are designed to meet each client’s target budget and we also provide both remote and on-site IT consultation.

Our services

IT Project Management

Network Solution

Web Solution

Security Solution

Technical Support

Messaging Solution

System Management

Outsourcing Support Service

We focus on increasing productivity through enhancing your existing systems. Being your comprehensive IT outsourcing partner, iShot acts as a single contact point offering a full range of services for all IT needs of a company, such as website design, hosting, E-mail archiving, document management and systems support, just like having your own IT Department.

By leveraging on the expertise of our IT outsourcing services, you can still achieve business excellence and operational efficiency even with a reduction in IT staffing cost.

Our professional outsourcing services guarantee our technician to arrive and provide on-site support within four hours after request during formal office hours. Also, our professional IT support team provides 24×7 full service support for any emergency needs. iShot also provides security and network management to its clients, strictly keeping clients data and information confidential.

We will be happy to hear from you and provide you with our project references and presentations. Please contact us.

Specialised Services

  • 1. Computer Forensics
  • 2. Volunerbility Assessment
  • 3. Company Security Audit
  • 4. Penetration Testing
  • 5. Wireless Security
  • 6. Application Security Audit
  • 7. Systems,Security &
    Users Policies
  • 8. Disaster Recovery &
    Business Continuity Planning
  • 9. Customised Training

Our security solutions cover anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering, intrusion detection systems and comprehensive firewalls.